First Ave 4 those of U who love and miss Prince

Sarah Harper

Surprise, surprise. First Ave is the best, and not just according to the drug-addled dudes playing with glow sticks at Too Much Love.

A pool of performers, ranging from members of Blitzen Trapper to Lucinda Williams, recently named First Ave the best place to play, reports the Twin Cities A.V. Club.

I suspect that all you nostalgic Minnesotans are taking this news as an opportunity to reflect on the downtown danceteria’s history as a cornerstone of the Minneapolis music scene.

And if you agree that the Artist Formerly Known as Prince is a notable part of that history, you might be interested in how his influence is still felt today.

Here’s a list of solo singers who are about to play at First Ave in the coming weeks (and how they’re related to the High Priest of Pop):

James Blake

When he plays at First Ave: Sept. 28

Prince connection: Some call Blake the Prince of Dubstep. (Also, there happens to be a tennis player named James Blake who once worked with Prince on a new tennis racket.)


Colbie Caillat

When she plays at First Ave: Sept. 29

Prince connection: Both Caillat and His Royal Badness have worn high heels.



When he plays at First Ave: Oct. 4

Prince connection: The song Chromeo did with DJ Mehdi, “I am Somebody,” samples the Prince song “Controversy.”


Ziggy Marley

When he plays at First Ave: Oct. 11

Prince connection: As Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy is kind of the prince of Reggae. Right? Right?!


Odd Future

When they play at First Ave: Oct. 12

Prince connection: Odd Future and Prince both spit out cringe-worthy but strangely satisfying lyrics:

Lyrics from the Odd Future song “Pidgeons”: [Expletive] rules, skate life, rape, write, repeat twice / Odd Future young enough to get your priest mouth drool.

Lyrics from the Prince song “Life Can B So Nice”: Scrambled eggs are so boring 4 U’re all, all that I wanna know/ Kisses never lie when delivered with milk from your lips / Morning glories (never) cry, my love 4 U, baby, drips.