Homosexuality in the light of truth: life’s issues in practice

Last year, I wrote a column about how I grew up; about how I lived and about how I came to know who I was called to be. My April 23 opinion, “I was gay until Christ set me straight,” made for some quite interesting and unique debates through e-mail. I want to thank you everyone who responded to me. Your comments, arguments and encouragements were all appreciated. I know it was a struggle and a tough idea to be placed in such a controversial community.

Although I come from a background like and unlike most of those who read my opinion, I have to say with all my heart, mind, soul and body that I believe and receive the truth of freedom that Christ can and does bring to those who chose to seek him. I’m not saying everything in life is easy, or is going to get easier, because that would be a lie. Life is hard and it is full of hard choices and decisions that we, as individuals, have to and must make. These choices do not only change our lives, but also the lives of those around us.

I have to say it again: homosexuality is a choice. Not only because of what God’s word in the Bible says, but creation and our own bodies cry out and prove it. Men are men for a reason. Women are women for a reason. Can a man give birth to a baby? No. Can a woman conceive on her own? No. How then, can we say that homosexuality is normal? It can’t give life, but only prevent it from coming forth. Taking a look at the body tells us if homosexuality was to be normal, none of us could exist. If homosexuality was normal, all of us, men and women alike, would have both reproductive systems in our bodies to enable us to live a productive and prosperous life in the homosexual lifestyle. But it doesn’t, and that isn’t just biblical, that’s biological.

You can say that you are attracted to the beauty and the appearance of someone from the same sex, but that doesn’t make you a homosexual. The Bible says we are created, fashioned in God’s image. That means when you see someone, you see the design of what God has created. You aren’t gay, homosexual, lesbian, queer, etc. You recognize God’s workmanship. You could hump the leg of a chair and experience an orgasm, but does that now make you a “wood-sexual?” No! It means you have a body and it’s been stimulated to the point of how it was manufactured to work. You aren’t something until you practice it. Take sports for example, just because you like this or that sport doesn’t mean you are that kind of a sports player, it just means you are attracted to it.

Hormones, hormones, hormones. Yes, we all have them. But are we taught and called to be ruled by them? If so, this world would be a greater mess than it is right now. You have hormones; deal with them and take control of the lust of the flesh. Conquer your body and make it submit to things that will benefit your life.

If you think I am forcing my beliefs on you, you are wrong. I have struggled, I don’t deny it. I have struggled with masturbation and, of course, pornography, but there is victory over it. I am even still learning it. It’s like being addicted to drugs or alcohol. The chemicals in your body that the rush that pornography, masturbation and sex of any kind can get to stimulate it. That makes it an addiction. Honestly, I don’t care who says it isn’t an addiction. They are liars. If it consumes your life and becomes a habit you cannot control, but can only give into day after day, it is an addiction and the only way you can be truly free from it is by the grace of Jesus. But, you have to want to be free.

I’m not saying that I am perfect; in fact, I have never ever claimed that. Actually, I am glad I’m not perfect because if I were, I would be responsible for things I couldn’t in my wildest dreams be responsible for. Just because you are sitting there thinking that you have committed the greatest sin and that you aren’t capable of being saved doesn’t make it true.

Truly, I say to you, give your ear to the Lord and seek his wisdom that you might be pleasing in his sight. You who read this, I know what you want. You want to matter, to be someone who makes a difference and to be important. I tell you now, know this: God sent down and allowed his only Son to die for you, YOU. You mean so much to him that he would give his greatest treasure as a ransom for you. That is how much you are loved. You don’t have to take my word for it, go. Go and read God’s word and see just how much he desires you. The truth is a tough thing isn’t it? But when you know where the truth is coming from, doesn’t it seem like the right and good thing for your life? Read the Bible and find out for yourself.

Michael David Wallen is a University staff member. He welcomes comments at [email protected]