Wellstone takes a chance with Bradley endorsement

by Peter Johnson

By endorsing democratic hopeful Bill Bradley, Sen. Paul Wellstone has taken a political stance that might put him at odds with the Democratic Party establishment.
The liberal senator has traveled throughout Iowa in the last few days before Monday’s Iowa caucuses, delivering his endorsement of Bradley.
Wellstone expressed confidence in Bradley, aligning himself with the Bradley campaign on issues of policy and character.
“I most believe in him as a person,” Wellstone said. “I don’t really agree with him on all issues, but I have such respect for his integrity. I think he is a very good person. I’ve never known him to say something he doesn’t believe.”
Wellstone talked about education, a topic that both Bradley and he share are passionate about.
“I do not understand how in our country today, at peak economic performance, we’re still being told that we can’t provide good education for every child,” Wellstone said.
“The reason I support Bill Bradley is because I think that Bill will help our nation renew our national battle of equal opportunity for every child, and I think that is the business of our country.”
Wellstone agreed with Bradley on a variety of topics including universal health care, agricultural reform and child poverty.
However, after losing by an almost two-to-one margin in Iowa, Bradley has an uphill battle ahead of him.
Wellstone said, “Almost all of the institutional power is lined up against him here (in Iowa), so he’s going to really be dependent on people who are new to caucuses coming out.”