Vikings should build QBs rather than recycle old ones

And the fun continues.
The happy fun time that is the Minnesota Vikings’ off-season took another twist Sunday. That’s when it was discovered Dan Marino is considering an offer to quarterback the Vikings.
According to an Associated Press story, wacky Vikings coach Dennis Green is doing it again. Green has assured Marino he will be the starter next year while Daunte Culpepper gets another season on the bench.
That makes sense. Bring in a 38-year-old mercenary to cure what ails the team.
Maybe Denny isn’t so bad after all. He is just following a course that began in the early ’90s with the hiring of Jim McMahon. Since then, the Vikings have relied almost exclusively on a band of mercenaries at quarterback.
With one exception.
Once upon a time, the Vikings developed a quarterback. Not a Wade Wilson or a Sean Salisbury (capable backups). No, once Minnesota had Brad Johnson.
In the infinite wisdom of Green, Johnson was let go to make room for the quarterback of the future, Randall Cunningham.
Then Cunningham flopped, and Jeff George took on a starring role. But Denny didn’t want George, so he was told to find employment elsewhere. Now Green is talking about dropping Cunningham and signing Marino or letting Culpepper start.
Complicated? Just over a year ago, Minnesota had Johnson.
He’s not the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, but he’s a lot better than what the Vikes have now. An aging backup, an aging free agent and an untested rookie.
You can almost smell the wins.
Johnson’s had his problems. The guy’s legs are about as sturdy as a couple of match sticks. Despite that, he managed to toss for 4,005 yards last season with the Washington Redskins. Toss in his 24 TDs to 13 INTs, and it’s safe to say old Opie had a pretty good year in Washington.
Of course, with the Vikings’ luck, he probably would have snapped his tibia in week two.
And with George’s departure imminent, there’s every reason to believe the Vikings will be starting either an inexperienced second-year quarterback or an over-experienced one.
Denny wants to bring in Marino, a quarterback who hasn’t had a good year the past three — I should know, I’m a Dolphins fan. Marino hasn’t been chucking the ball nearly as often as in the past. He’s no longer a player who can lead a team without anyone else on offense.
Danny, do yourself a favor: Stay in Florida.
Marino could probably do pretty well for the Vikings — but not well enough to lead them to a Super Bowl. It’s not even written in stone Marino is leaving. But it is pretty certain he’s not going back to the Dolphins.
“I’m just flabbergasted,” Dolphin president Eddie Jones told the Associated Press. “I have no idea about Dan Marino and any report about him going anyplace. I know nothing about where Dan’s head is at or what he plans to do.”
Maybe the bigger question is where Green’s head is.
Since Green isn’t going to resign George (the smartest thing to do), the Vikings would be best off letting Culpepper take over the reigns. Would he throw for 3,000 yards? Odds are against it, but at least he’d develop for the future.
That’s something the Vikings haven’t worked on for a long time.

Jim Schortemeyer is the sports editor and welcomes comments at [email protected]