New traffic ordinances will regulate U campus; improvements underway

by Seth Woehrle

The Board of Regents held a public hearing on Thursday to discuss new traffic ordinances.
The regulations are actually extensions of previous traffic ordinances expanded to include the entire University campus.
Five changes were made to the Regents of the University of Minnesota Traffic Regulation Ordinances. The new, restated rules granted the University the power to employ peace officers, provisions to deal with abandoned vehicles, regulation of the University Transitway, and regulation of bikes, roller-blades and scooters.
Douglas Olson, an associate professor in classical studies, voiced concern about the ordinance banning bicycles from University sidewalks.
Calling University bicycle lanes “grossly inadequate,” Olson decried the lack of amenities for bicyclists. He cited Pleasant and Church streets as being especially dangerous.
Bob Baker, director of parking and transportation services, agreed with much of the professor’s comments.
He described projects currently underway to improve bicycling conditions on campus.
A complete copy of the traffic regulations can be obtained by calling the Office of the Board of Regents at (612) 625-6300.

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