An account of wrestlers’ privileged immaturity

Only an elbow to his ribs stopped his grinding; he then began shoving her.

While I can’t say that I have met every University wrestler, the ones that I have met have left quite an impression.

In my experiences, these gentlemen seem to feel some sense of entitlement. They want to stand in the front row at the Johnny Holmes band concert. The normal, civil individual would show up early. Instead, these guys showed up halfway through the concert, reeking of alcohol and arrogance. Using their massive frames, they threw around 1-pound girls until they got the spot that they wanted.

This wasn’t enough. They seemed to have taken a liking to some of these girls. Rather than acting like human beings, they acted like the chauvinistic, barbaric specimens that they are, groping and thrusting their pelvises at these innocent victims. When one girl said “Please don’t touch me; I think you’re disgusting,” I watched in repulsion as the wrestler continued his grinding routine. It was only after the girl clarified that she wasn’t joking, that she truly did think he was disgusting and an eventual elbow to his ribs, that he stopped grinding on her and begin shoving her. Classy. This entire string of events is something we call harassment. Do it to a guy, you might go to jail. Do it to a girl, you might become a sexual offender.

Thursdays through Saturdays these guys can be found at house parties trying to get innocent girls in the sack and trying to start fights with innocent guys. Why do they feel the need to beat the tar out of an innocent guy because he happens to be dating a girl one of their squad would like a roll in the hay with?

So here’s the lowdown, guys: Getting drunk and starting fights isn’t hot. While you may think you are gods on campus, not everyone is going to kiss the ground you walk on. When they don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to insult them, call for backup and beat them until they are in need of hospitalization. Do they teach you in wrestling that stomping on somebody’s face is OK? If you want people to stop saying you’re scum, stop acting like felons. If you happen to be one of the innocent wrestlers, tell your teammates to quit. They’re giving you all a reputation that I would hope you don’t all deserve.

Ashley Johnson is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected]