Feminist art enters Cult Status

The Cult Sisters 5 show their vibrant collection at the much-buzzed Cult Status Gallery.

Mark Brenden

WHAT: Cult Sisters 5 with live music from The Great Confinement WHEN: June 12, 7 p.m. WHERE: Cult Status Gallery, 2913 Harriet Ave. S. COST: Free ItâÄôs midmorning and Erin Sayer is spraying âÄúCult Sisters 5âÄù on the walls of Cult Status Gallery with three different colors of spray paint. Something says this is not a unique morning for Sayer, Kara Hendershot, J.M. Culver, Louisa Greenstock and Gina Louise , who collectively call themselves by the name now running down the wall. The five artists âÄî female and proud of it âÄî are prepping for their highly anticipated exhibit this weekend at SayerâÄôs own neatly unkempt Cult Status Gallery. âÄúWe are five emerging female artists, and our work makes a strong statement,âÄù Culver said. âÄúI think thatâÄôs what connects us all together.âÄù The manner in which the Sisters met was, for lack of a better phrase, so 2009. Sayer met Hendershot as she was painting âÄúthis awesome portrait of Conan OâÄôBrien on the wall.âÄù The rest got to know each other through Facebook . âÄúWeâÄôve done like everything through Facebook,âÄù Sayers said. Though each of the five has a particularly unique way of interpreting art, they agreed that itâÄôs the gender dubiousness in their work that binds them together. âÄúYou wouldnâÄôt necessarily look at our work and say, âÄúOh, a woman did that,âÄù Culver said. Hendershot labors under abstraction, creating a beautiful mess of dripping reds and yellows on the canvas that ends up somewhere between Van Gogh and graffiti. Culver expounds narratives of childhood memories in her charcoals and acrylics. Louise, also a poet, creates sprightly shape-heavy mixed media. Sayer and Greenstock focus most of their work on the sexiness of rock stars. Is there something particularly unlady-like here? âÄúMaybe itâÄôs because we donâÄôt draw vaginas and flowers,âÄù Sayer joked. âÄúThe society is still a little patriarchal,âÄù she said. âÄúI think people for some reason still trust men more.âÄù To aid in their fight against patriarchy, the Sisters hired literary-bent and feminist trio The Great Confinement to provide background noise of the show. The all-female group is comprised of a fake-mustached drummer and Victorian-underwear-adorning cello and clarinet players. For college students, the event is opportune not only for eye candy, but for networking and future planning. âÄúThis gallery is particularly accessible for young artists to show work,âÄù Hendershot said.