Dear Dr. Date,I w…

Dear Dr. Date,
I would like to surprise this guy with a blow job. The problem is, I have absolutely no clue what to do. I have tried it two times, and both times I got neck cramps and started to gag, so I quit. Please don’t tell me to ask him what he likes. Will you help me out?
— Oral Klutz

All forms of sex require thought, creativity and practice. No one hits puberty knowing how to give excellent oral sex. I’m happy to start you on the way to oral bliss, but the rest is up to you. You’ll need to experiment over time and develop your own personal style.
First of all, remember, it is possible to spread venereal diseases through oral sex. Unless you are in a monogamous relationship in which you are absolutely certain both participants are clean, a condom should be used during oral sex. Take control of the situation and put it on for him — don’t be shy about practicing. If you’re concerned about the latex taste, you might want to try out different flavored condoms.
There are two types of blow jobs. The first is a brief encounter that precedes intercourse as a part of foreplay. Since this lasts only a few moments, neck cramping is not usually an issue. The second is the full-service blow job that ends with the male orgasm. This type usually lasts longer than foreplay and muscle fatigue and cramping are definitely possible.
To avoid cramping, experiment with different body positions. The classic blow-job position, with the giver kneeling in front of or over the receiver, puts a lot of stress on the neck and back of the giver. Try lying on your side with your head propped on a pillow. Not only will this relax your neck, it will free up your hands (that comes a bit later in this lesson). If you do experience cramping, take a break from the action and catch your breath.
Primarily, fellatio does one of two things: simulate penile-vaginal sex or directly stimulate the most sensitive parts of the penis. Simulating penile-vaginal sex usually involves taking the penis far into the mouth, which will often trigger your gag reflex. An equally thrilling blow job can be accomplished by lavishly massaging the head and shaft of the penis with your lips and tongue. Use your free hands to stroke and manipulate the rest of his genital area including, but not limited to, the buttocks, scrotum, anus and prostate.
It’s hard to know how your sweetheart likes his fellatio, but it’s a given that he’ll be much happier if you are genuinely into what you are doing.