Net: And it don’t …

Net: And it don’t quit, and it don’t stop …

From Minnesota Nice? to Captain America: I just want to clarify that international students at the University never receive resident fees, and I just want to let you know that this state receives millions of dollars from international student tuition each year. What’s wrong if this state wants to give back just a little bit from their profit? Think of international students as customers who have contributed a lot to their company, the University.
It’s always true that American citizens have priority in everything.
They deserve it. That’s why international students pay tuition three times higher than Americans. They also cannot get loans. They can only work on campus a maximum of 20 hours. They also have to be full-time students every quarter. If they cannot afford it and don’t get financial help, they leave this country, like hundreds of them have already. Only the rich and the lucky ones still continue their study here.
I just cannot believe that in this so-called modern and civilized country, there are still narrow-minded, maybe even racist, people. If you ever take an economics class, you’ll know that the Asian crisis will hurt the U.S. economy as well in a couple years.

From Chrome: It is not of paramount importance for international students to choose the U. I have lived in this glorious state for 21-plus years and I am viewed as a very nice guy but I still don’t think the tuition aid is valid. “Minnesota Nice” is just that — nice — not stupidly giving away what is not ours to give — other people’s money.
And Kami-Sama, please go back to wherever you crawled out of. That multicultural devotedness is crap. If you want, we can give all Asian students $1,000 and that’s fine, almost. They do not bring a world perspective. I am an IT student and most of my classes are about 30-50 percent Asian, and yet through all the dealings I have had with them, both academic and social, they have never enlightened me as to a world view, they are here to study the same as me, not to enlighten us. Your point is pointless and unvalidated.
And as far as jobs, most of the Asian students I know do not have ANY jobs. Let them get the jobs first, OK? Mr. Mad and Captain America got the right idea, so before the rest of you try to make yourselves look anymore foolish, please, think first and then say NOTHING. Thanks for the tirade.

From A Brother with Seoul: Y’know, America First!, you’re a fool. This has nothing to do with being PC or liberal. It has to do with helping people out and having compassion.
Kind of like the “do unto others” Christian philosophy that helped shape this great nation (Actually, let me retract that last statement; it wasn’t PC …)
Taxes are used for many purposes, many of which don’t benefit us at all. I don’t care about any useless old people, why should I have to pay for their social security? AIDS research? Why? I mean, only druggies and gay men get AIDS, and who cares about them, right? Oh, I’m sorry, there I go not being the liberal and PC university student you stereotype me to be. I’ll try to fit into your molds next time around.
Yes, the CTC contains quite a few international students, but are they married or single-parent families? Yes. Oh well, then I guess they have as much right as any other married or single-parent University of Minnesota STUDENT has to live there, eh? I supposed you’ll be shocked to know that at the University of MINNESOTA — “By, of and for the people of Minnesota” as you put it — many native Minnesotan freshmen had to wait to get into the dorms cause the spots they should have had were taken by out-of-staters.
And you know, a lot of Minnesotans I know really like McDonald’s cheeseburgers, yet they have to wait in line while international students and out-of-staters get theirs first. I’m sure Washington and Franklin are turning in their graves right now.
There, I knew I could be PC!!!
Point is America First, Mr. Mad and Captain America is that at one point or another your family came here and displaced someone already here, used land, water, food and resources here and stayed here. And other families went home. I feel bad for those U.S. students whose money or financial aid is slowly running down or suddenly gone, but life sucks — please don’t take out your frustrations or anger out on anyone else. Please change.
And finally, I’d like to take this time to give a shout out to my NSW group Fruit of the U of M, all the 98 O.L. leaders and to the great and mighty Network for allowing diversity within its sacred forum and allowing an out-of-state minority like me to have a chance to speak out. Net: No problem. It’s good to see we have a diverse audience.
Every once in a while, when a lot of people have a lot of things to say, we stand aside and let em say ’em — and keep the sarcasm to ourselves. So if you’re disappointed by our silence, we’re sorry. We’ll be back with more fun and excitement when this debate starts to die down.

From SYS: Wow, the school year is already more than halfway over. It sure has gone by quick. I think its time that we had a midterm report. Net: Here, here! It’s “State of the Campus,” with SYS.
Let’s start with the new food service provider, Aramark. I just have one thing to say: The company may be new, but I don’t think the food is! They receive a “D” for disgusting. Net: Watch out — the spin masters will turn that into “Delicious,” and the Man will win again.
Next up for grading is the Madia/Murphy president/vice president combo. For those of you who don’t remember this political juggernut, Net: We think you might have meant “juggernaut,” but this is much cooler. We’ll keep it. their biggest contribution to the University was all those wonderful posters they decorated the campus with last spring. They receive an “F” for failure.