Penn State scandal hurts students

The Penn State scandal and firing of football coach Joe Paterno and university President, Graham Spanier, has left the university and its students in a terrible position.
ItâÄôs going to take a great deal of time before Penn StateâÄôs students can chant at football games proudly.
If I were a student or graduate of Penn State I donâÄôt think the tarnished image of this educational institution would ever be completely erased from my memory.
The thought of all the support and love that was given to the football coaches, Joe Peterno and Jerry Sandusky, for more than 50 years brings on a wave of disgust and remorse when you hear about the crimes that they committed. There is an equal amount of distaste for Penn StateâÄôs administration and their lack of action towards the sexual assault allegations against Sandusky.
Paterno and Sandusky are supposed to be role models, especially for young boys. They are supposed to show kids what they can accomplish with hard work. They are supposed to show kids that you can take one of your passions, like football, and turn it into a successful career. Instead, they have put a black mark in the Penn State history books, signifying one of the darkest days in college football.
Penn StateâÄôs students, alumni and fans wonâÄôt be able to cheer on their football team with the same pride and love that it once had before the crimes were committed.