Suggesting your partner diet could increase binge eating

by Tyler Gieseke

A survey conducted by a University of Minnesota faculty member showed that urging your significant other to diet could backfire.

Dr. Marla Eisenberg, associate professor of adolescent health and medicine, led the study that surveyed nearly 1,300 young adults from the Twin Cities, the Star Tribune reported.

The percentage of young adults engaging in binge eating increased in both women and men when their partners urged them to diet “very much” compared to “not at all,” according to HealthDay News.

“Hurtful comments, even if well-intentioned, may contribute to poorer body image and unhealthy eating behaviors,” Eisenberg told HealthDay.

If people have to urge a loved one to start losing weight, Eisenberg says to speak carefully.

“[I]f you’re going to talk to people about their weight, it really needs to be framed as a health issue,” Eisenberg told the Tribune, "not as an appearance issue or an attractiveness issue."