Odd indicators that the economy has recovered

by Rebecca Harrington

When the economy gets bad, people make sacrifices–men, for example, stop buying underwear. In 2009, men's underwear sales dropped 2.5 percent, according to One Block Off the Grid.

Since the economy started recovering in 2011, men's underwear sales are up 5.2 percent, the Huffington Post reported.

More people are also getting haircuts again; according to CNBC, hair salons are up 5.37 percent since their low in 2009.

Although many restaurants in Dinkytown did not show it, sit-down restaurant sales were down during the recession. Sales have increased 8.7 percent in the past year, The New York Times reported.

Finally, there are now more people quitting than getting fired, according to Labor Department data reported by CNBC. This shows that consumer confidence is high again, meaning that more people have not only the money but the confidence to buy underwear, get haircuts and go out to dinner again.