Web of Sunsets to play First Ave

Jackie Renzetti

Whether it’s helping each other with parallel parking or taking turns fronting the band, Minneapolis band Web of Sunsets maintains a team player attitude. 
Sara Bischoff, Chris Rose and Sarah Nienaber started the band in 2012. The trio released their first album, “Room of Monsters,” in 2014, followed by their EP “Gin Tapes.”
On Tuesday, they released their second EP, titled “Steel New Days.” Their current tour shares select dates with 
Trampled by Turtles, ending in a sold out show together at First Avenue on Saturday
Primarily using guitars and voices, the three create a mellow soundscape with chilling harmonies. Their sound shares traits with shoegaze and 
dream-pop, though the trio dubs themselves “acid country.” All three members play guitar and take turns songwriting and singing lead.
“You know, I can’t really imagine it being another way, it makes sense to all of us to have that, to share that role,” Bischoff said. 
While playing in the rock band Heavy Deeds together, Bischoff and Rose discovered they both were interested in writing songs outside of the band’s genre.
After that, the two started collaborating. Knowing Nienaber’s style from their work together in a Mazzy Star cover band, Bischoff invited Nienaber as well. 
Rose had done similar work with his solo project, “Robust Worlds.” 
“I was like, ‘These two make a lot of sense to me,’” Bischoff said.
The members said Rose typically comes up with song titles, so it was fitting that he also picked a band name.
“I don’t know, there was a time in my life where I felt like a lot of things were kind of ending,” Rose said of the idea. “I felt like this visual sort of matched a web of sunsets, a bunch of things coming to an end, but kind of beautiful.”
Though currently unemployed, Rose said apart from the band he often works odd jobs. Bischoff works as a freelance writer, helping with grant proposals and graphic design. Nienaber runs a marketing website. 
The trio drives themselves on tour. Previously, they toured in the summer and fall of 2014, and in the fall, they opened for Poliça.
Rose said the band eats olive-oiled kale salad as a staple. 
“You can get salt and pepper and lemon at truck stops — we make salad dressing for free,” Rose said. “I mean, we eat a lot of tacos, too. It’s kind of a good deal to go to a Mexican restaurant and get a bunch of tacos off the sides menu.” 
Nienaber said past tour highlights included camping in Utah and City of Rocks, New Mexico. 
During this tour, the band has primarily played songs from their recent release, “Steel New Days,” as well as songs from “Gin Tapes.” 
Songs written by each of the band members made it into the mix. Bischoff said she valued their collaborative, alternating style when performing live. 
“When we’re performing live, it’s nice to share that a little bit. Just the nature of the songs, they can be delicate and kind of personal,” Bischoff said. “I think there’s something about all of our personalities where it’s kind of nice to play a couple of songs where you’re singing lead and be able to pass the baton.”