From Beggin’ Lee:

my roommate moves out.
i’ll miss him a lot. new house
warming gift? cactus.

i’ll name it Lou ’cause
“Paula” and “Fred Fredson” are
already taken.

food experiments
in my kitchen. i should get
science lab credit.

multiple piercings
are luscious, but not on me,
just all over him.

i am malleable.
sillyputty. bend me. twist
me. fold me. mold me.

From Tastee Treats:

taste smooth saltiness
i smile satisfied with it
i love warm pretzels

From Peewee:

This party isn’t yours
It is for all my frat bros.
Go to Hell randoms

From Purplee_bedazzled:

a haiku series
inspected by letter “K”
the purple onion

sittin’ here with jeff
the music here is so def
i could bust a move

the afternoon guy
looks a little bit like beck
a devil’s haircut

that dude with the fro
never buttons up his shirt
what’s that feather for?

i come here too much
coffee’s eating my insides
purple ulcer’s next

pathetic ain’t it?
i think that i need a life
purple waste of time

From “Squat” ‘n’ “Sweenie”: We need to express our deep-felt disgust with our duplex neighbors. We think this haiku states our opinion very appropriately:

I hate my neighbors
They throw baked beans at my door
Suck it, skanky boys!

What instinct drives you
to piss at will on our grill?
Die, Kroenbowski scum!

From Should Be Paying Attention In Class But Instead I’m Sitting Here Writing Haiku:

sitting through long class
bored out of my frigging mind
need a vacation

good men hard to find
so I change my strategy
hard men good to find

sneaking on the sly
lonely, isolated, sad
still can’t get no ass

reading the Network
tired of nonsensical
haiku poetry

From Cools:

Life in hell is fun,
Wait its just my Calc 5 class,
Back to sleep again.

Finals time is here,
Studying and late nite crams,
Just to pass my class.

Weekends are kick-ass,
Only fun is when I drink,
Oops I’m underage.

Only three years left,
Coffman will be done in time,
For my Grandchildren.

From Asmando:

Rockin Network Studs
I bet you’re inundated
I send more haiku

gotta have a cup
I need it in the morning
caffeine dependence

From Miss Amphibilis:

My favorite show is
Xena: Warrior Princess
Gotta love leather!

Xena and Gabrielle;
Could they be more than just “friends?”
with Joxer as pimp?

From The Booty-Whack Billy Blanks:

I am Billy Blanks
Tae Bo is my religion
Be subservient

You! Buy Tae Bo now!
And “Walk by faith — not by sight”
For I have spoken

Boxing, Tae Kwon Do
Spiritual fulfillment
Please no COD’s