Time for Americans, not Christians, to act

I have to agree with Yifu ChenâÄôs Thursday letter to the editor. Americans have lost their morals over the last half century. But itâÄôs not because of our civil liberties or our scientific innovation âÄî itâÄôs because weâÄôve allowed people with ChenâÄôs worldview to distort American values by electing neo-conservative politicians. Does anyone honestly think that abortion, stem cell research or homosexual relationships were central to JesusâÄô moral code? Give me one vague passage that denounces any of the issues that Chen mentioned, and IâÄôll give you 10 that decry selfishness and wealth. Right-wing politicians have convinced us that theyâÄôre the true moralists for too long. With one hand they rally their base with emotionally charged but irrelevant topics, while the other enacts policy that enriches the wealthy, impoverishes the poor and has led to our current economic crisis. To boot, they have hid their amoral economic policy behind the pretense of some perverted facsimile of free-market capitalism. ItâÄôs time to act, Americans. The rationalism on which this exceptional nation was founded has been under attack from pseudo-religious fear mongers for too long, and itâÄôs time to take our values back. LetâÄôs not let the land of opportunity, secularism and individualism turn into a harbor for dangerous neo-conservatives just because theyâÄôve convinced enough of us that a cluster of non-differentiated stem-cells constitutes a human being. Chen, if it is your intention to reside in a Christian nation, I suggest you leave this one. James Angstman University student