Man charged with assault after alleged shooting

by Tim Sturrock

A 21-year-old man was charged Tuesday with second-degree assault after allegedly shooting at two men early Sunday morning near Como and 18th avenues Southeast.

Police arrested Yonrico Calloway less than two hours later, according to the criminal complaint.

The two men told police they had gone to Calloway’s home by mistake and asked for a woman they had met earlier that night.

Calloway placed a gun to the forehead of one of the victims, the complaint stated, and debated with his friend whether to shoot the man. He then shot several rounds at the victim, but missed.

Police found three 9 mm bullet casings at the scene.

Calloway was being held in lieu of $70,000 bail at Hennepin County Jail on Tuesday night.

In other police news:

ï A man assaulted a worker at Bon Appetit Inc. in Dinkytown and stole $20 out of a tip jar Friday night, according to a Minneapolis police report.

Ian Moore said that when he told a man who had previously been kicked out of the restaurant to leave, the man’s friend became upset and began threatening Moore.

The men left shortly after Moore called the police, but one came back 20 minutes later. He then punched Moore in the face and spit at him, Moore said.

“When he hit me, I was standing at the register just waiting for him to leave, basically, and he jumps up and hits from over the counter,” he said.

A co-worker called the police a second time when the man left but told police the situation was under control, Moore said.

The man returned a third time and demanded back the money he had spent on a cover charge. “He tried to open the (register) and that didn’t work. As he was doing that, I just went over and called the cops,” Moore said.

Moore said he didn’t have time to say much because the man pushed a display case into him. He then threw a table at Moore but missed.

At one point – Moore said he can’t remember when – his lip was cut.

“(The police) heard that happen of course, and after that happened I said, ‘Are you still there now?’ ‘Yeah,’ the police replied. And I said, ‘This guy is going off the hook, he’s wrecking the place,'” Moore said.

Moore said he was amazed with the police response, which took less than two minutes.

He said the restaurant will not change security measures; it already has a video camera that recorded the whole incident, including audible threats.

“I’m really angry. I’ve been fairly filled with hate for the last couple days,” Moore said. “It’s like a virus; I’ve contracted his violence.”

Police have made no arrests in the incident.

ï A man who allegedly jumped out of the woods and scared passersby near East River Road was arrested by University police for a warrant on an assault charge, police said.

University police Captain Steve Johnson said police officers asked the man, David McFadden, 41, to sit on a retaining wall, but McFadden told police he was having a seizure and couldn’t breathe. An ambulance transported the man to Hennepin County Medical Center where personnel determined nothing was wrong.

Police then booked McFadden in Hennepin County Jail.

ï A man robbed Kinko’s Copy Centers on Washington Avenue Saturday, stealing more than $170, according to a police report.

Police said the man told a worker he had a gun, but showed the worker only a dirty towel.

ï A woman was arrested Monday afternoon after agreeing to have sex with an undercover police officer at the Econolodge at 2500 University Ave. Another was arrested at about the same time for promotion of prostitution.