Student catches intruder in the act

Courtney Sinner

A University student caught a man breaking into his apartment Wednesday.

Ben Salzman, 23, said he was sitting in his bedroom doing homework around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday when he heard a loud noise coming from the front of his apartment at 820 Essex St.

“It sounded like someone was knocking on the door, but they were really angry,” Salzman, a fifth-year material science engineering student, said.

Then, when he heard the noise again, “like the whole wall was going to fall in,” he walked into the living room to find the source of the noise.

Salzman said he saw a man looking through things in his apartment, and noticed the intruder had used a brick to break the window.

Salzman described the man to police as being between 25 and 30 years old, medium to heavy build, around 5-feet-6-inches and wearing all black, including a black stocking cap.

Once Salzman made his presence known to the intruder, the man fled out the front door.

Salzman said he didn’t think the man took anything, but notified police immediately.

University police were not available for comment.