Obligations of the media

by Lindsay Baker, University student

Each election year, the media covers varying aspects of the upcoming election yet forgets to remind students to do their own research, make decisions and get out to vote.

Growing up, politics was not discussed in my household. I’ve never known which party my parents affiliate with and still today question whether their political views align. In middle school, I remember eating lunch and overhearing girls talk about who their parents were voting for. But when asked who I thought should win or who my parents liked, I simply shrugged and finished my grilled cheese. Upon my 18th birthday, I began to realize how uneducated I was about politics and turned to the media for more information.

All things considered, it is important to remember that students raised by a family that isn’t politically vocal oftentimes rely on the media for political coverage and opinions. As a student newspaper, the Minnesota Daily should provide politically uneducated students with convention highlights, debate reviews and background information on candidates. After all, for students who have politically quiet parents, the media plays a vital role in our political decisions.