Marcy-Holmes hit by string of burglaries

by Robert Koch

Several Marcy-Holmes neighborhood residents lost more than $7,000 in home electronics and other personal belongings after burglars broke into their houses and apartments over the last week.
On Sunday, thieves stole a $400 video game system from a town house on the 200 block of 7th Street Southeast.
Earlier in the day, burglars took a Sony camcorder and a palm pilot computer from an apartment, as well as two mountain bikes and a videocassette recorder from another residence, both along 6th Street, according to Minneapolis police reports.
In four of the break-ins, burglars entered by cutting window screens, police said.
“They do appear to be connected,” said Lt. Steve Kincaid. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s the same person.”
Burglars also broke into a house at 701 6th St. S.E. last Wednesday, cutting a ground-floor window screen before taking two stereo receivers, two compact disc players, a video cassette recorder and a video game system, according to the police report.
The break-in occurred only days before resident Michael Fitzgerald, a University chemical engineering senior, moved out.
“That place has been nailed a bunch of times — we’re outta the burglary zone,” Fitzgerald said. “It could’ve been a lot worse. They could’ve gotten my computer, skis and guitars.”
Apartment residents living on 8th Avenue a block away, however, reported losing a $3,000 Macintosh computer and a $900 mountain bike the night before. The suspects also gained entry by cutting a window screen, according to the police report.
Kincaid said investigators have processed several of the scenes for fingerprints but added that residents still should take precautions.

In other police news:
ù Thieves broke windows and punched out door locks on nearly a dozen vehicles in the Marcy-Holmes and Como neighborhoods last Tuesday and Wednesday, taking stereos and damaging interiors, according to Minneapolis police.
Police said they have made no arrests.