Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson said he’s a student and waiter against partisan politicians running for the state Legislature.
The communications senior said he’s not running to win, he just wants to give students a fresh option on the ballot. He denied all party affiliation and endorsements — even from the College Reform Party which he helped form this summer.
Hanson said he would focus on representation and accessibility in the Legislature. He said he would respond to his constituents’ requests in the House, regardless of his own beliefs.
The 1996 Minnesota Student Association vice president said he would represent all college students in the state, not just those in his district.
The University is a priority in his campaign, Hanson said, and would hold the same status if he wins the office. He said he supports University funding if the school manages it responsibly. The University should concentrate on cleaning up the campus by adding more elements like benches, maps and flowers, he said.
The Twin Cities native is a fourth generation University student and the 14th person in his family to attend this school.
Hanson also said he supports state-funded financial aid and would like to see the application process simplified for students.
Outside of the higher education realm, Hanson said he wants to give back the tax surplus, but not through permanent tax cuts because they could drain the state in the long run.