Today’s metro papers…

by Mike Rose

…had identical top of the page headlines! Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press called their bridge collapse finding stories "Why it fell." The Daily’s article was called "I-35W collapse explained" in print.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen this before. Coming up with a headline, at least at the Daily, is a collaborative process. A reporter will suggest one with his/her story, their editors will tweak it if necessary, then the copy desk gets the final say. To have two papers come up with the same exact title is astounding because of the number of people I assume were involved in the process. It’s especially astounding at the top of the page, because this is where the paper aims to make a big statement and make their product stand out. That both newsrooms produced the same idea for their top headline is pretty amazing. Moral of the story: Don’t do a double-take at newsstands this morning…those are seperate papers you’re looking at.

Photo By Stephen Maturen

Mike Rose City editor Stephen Maturen, Asst. Photo Editor, Contributed to this Blog