Daily inflames intolerance

The editorial in last Friday’s (Oct. 18) Daily, “Middle East tensions inflamed by intolerance,” might aptly be retitled as: “Campus tensions inflamed by The Minnesota Daily.” While it is noble of the Daily to call for more civil discourse on campus, there is no excuse for the false information written in the editorial.

The editorial states that two events last spring involving Friends of Israel, the Anti-War Committee and Students for Justice in Palestine became shouting matches on Northrop Mall. One event last spring involved an argument by a handful of students that subsequently led to a peaceful discussion and an agreement between several of the students to continue a dialogue.

The Daily did not choose to report the peaceful conclusion of the argument and now has manufactured another “shouting match” out of thin air.

The editorial also states that Friends of Israel has “forced its way into pro-Palestine events to disrupt and harass.” No evidence is offered to substantiate this claim. It is simply irresponsible of the Daily to print this in an editorial.

Amy Olson, Director of Hillel, the Jewish Student Center