Clem Haskins files motion to have U lawsuit thrown out

A motion filed by Clem Haskins’ attorneys to have the University’s more than $1 million lawsuit against the former coach thrown out will be heard by Hennepin County Judge Deborah Hedlund on Feb. 8.
The motion seeks a summary judgement ruling in favor of Haskins.
Haskins claims that a clause in a $1.5 million contract buyout agreement with the University in June 1999 forbids the University’s attempt to recoup the money.
University attorneys counter that Haskins made false statements prior to the buyout agreement, thus voiding the contract.
The sides attempted to resolve the lawsuit through mediation in December. The motion for summary judgement indicates those talks failed.
The University bought out Haskins’ contract after a tutor reported she had written more than 400 pieces of coursework for at least 18 basketball players.
Haskins denies any wrongdoing.
— Todd Milbourn