Twin Cities best dance parties

A&E talks to the DJs behind the three biggest dance nights.

Jimmy2Times runs Get Cryphy!


by Conrad Schoenleber

For the wild children of the Minneapolis night, dance parties have become increasingly popular. Within the past two years, many DJ/dance parties have cropped up in many different watering holes and venues around Minneapolis, each with their own distinctive vibe and clientele. A&E scoured the turntable talents in an investigation into the best and most fun dance nights to help you find your way through this chaotic city. As Rihanna recently asked in Jay-ZâÄôs âÄúRun this Town,âÄù âÄúWhoâÄôs gonna run this town tonight?âÄù The answer: the DJs, Rihanna, the DJs. WHAT: Bomp WHEN: The last Friday of every month, 10 p.m. WHERE: The Bedlam Theatre, 1501 6th St. S. COST: $5 with RSVP, $7 at doors Some have labeled it a hipster dance party, and skinny jeans are definitely not scarce here, but Bomp attracts a sizeable and diverse crowd. âÄúYou can find anyone from your West-Bankers to your punk rockers to your under-21 college kids. You can find tattooed freaks there, just about anyone,âÄù Shannon Blowtorch, an organizer and DJ at Bomp, said. âÄúI feel like thereâÄôs an evolution of all these dance nights popping up because who the [expletive] wants to go downtown to all these meat markets?âÄù BompâÄôs eclectic crowd seems more focused on having fun dancing than knocking boots. Music can go from electro dance breaks to dub step, to heavy danceable rap. The Bedlam Theatre itself is a spectacular space with a look that would feel more at home on Bourbon Street than Minneapolis. Make sure to RSVP at to pay the lower price. WHAT: Get Cryphy! WHEN: The first Friday of every month, 10 p.m. WHERE: The First Avenue Record Room, 701 First Ave. N. COST: $3/$5 A little over two years ago, beat freaks and party DJs Plain Ole Bill and Jimmy2Times combined forces to start a dance night that appealed to the bass and flow crowd. âÄúI had been throwing around the word âÄúcryphyâÄù as a joke because we were saying weâÄôd mix crunk-rap and hyphy-rap and create a new genre,âÄù DJ Jimmy2Times said. The 2Times himself is a turntable-dominating, beat-mixing pro. With a local mindset, the 2Times along with the backup of DJs Last Word, Fundo and Plain Ole Bill will play each othersâÄô remixes and dance blends. Get Cryphy has a grungier atmosphere, less glitzy and glamorous than Bomp. With the newly renamed First AvenueâÄôs The Record Room presenting a great venue, for only $3, Get Cryphy is a bastion of get crazy, hip-hop party dance music with Midwest sensibilities. To download exclusive remixes and club hits, check out their blog at WHAT: Too Much Love WHEN: Every Saturday âÄì 10 p.m. WHERE: The First Ave. main room, 701 First Ave. N. COST: $3 The largest and most constant of DJ nights, Too Much Love fills a different niche than many other dance nights. DJ Sovietpanda, the nightâÄôs turntable controller, wishes to create a more unique vibe and create an oasis in the Midwest for traveling DJs. âÄúA lot of times, if DJs are playing dates in the states, it will be New York, the West Coast and a couple other random cities, but the Midwest often gets skipped entirely,âÄù Sovietpanda said. With large names within the DJ community making appearances at Too Much Love, Sovietpanda is on the way to creating an outpost of DJ activity in the Midwest. The crowd at Too Much Love is diverse with students and bass lovers. Even high school students find their way to First Ave. for the dance party. This is the DJ night for the newest and hottest electro, house and techno hits. ItâÄôs only $3 and with First Ave.âÄôs aged main room as a backdrop, itâÄôs almost like dancing to a real, live band. Check out to find out more. HONORABLE MENTIONS: DJs Mike 2600 and Wes WinshipâÄôs âÄúTriple DoubleâÄù at Triple Rock âÄî Tuesday Nights DJ Jake RudhâÄôs âÄúTransmissionâÄù at Club Jäger âÄî Wednesday Nights