Gossip Girl drops my jaw. . .a little

by Kara Nesvig

Wow, "Gossip Girl." Way to take things to the next level in "teen" programming, though everyone knows it’s 20something girls and their boyfriends watching the show–most of us in A&E are fans, and by most of us I mean myself, Becky, John, and Ian. But anyway. Starting out the show with Chuck/Blair  fantasy sex, alluding to masturbation, tops coming off. . .how on earth can "One Tree Hill" compete with that? Oh, wait, it can’t. Nobody watches One Tree Hill.

I just have a problem with the sexualization of Little J, aka Taylor Momsen, who is definitely 15 years old. She looks 22. And I HATE the way they’ve started to style her like a Brooklyn 90s-throwback Cobrasnake hooker.  Plus the Nate/Jenny mini-makeout sesh? I don’t know, Gossip Girl, kiiiinda desperate. These latest episodes have been way too Jen-centered, but I guess that’s better than Serena/Dan, which was the most boring pairing since, like Marissa and Ryan on the show I never actually watched, "The OC." (The only good part about that was Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows.) The new Serena love interest looks mildly interesting, and I do mean mildly.

My computer is fixin’ to die. I’m just waiting for its impending departure from my kitchen table.