Abortion bills pass Minn. House, Senate

Molly Novak


Two unrelated abortion bills passed the Minn. House and Senate on Wednesday.

The house passed a bill requiring a woman to take an abortion pill, like RU-486, in the presence of a doctor, reported the Star Tribune

The bill passed also had an ammendment proposed and voted on. Proposed by Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, the ammendment would require medical supervision of men taking Viagra, reported the Star Tribune. The house voted the ammendment down 95-28.

The Senate passed a bill requiring the state to licence clinics performing more than 10 abortions a month and subject the clinics to random inspections, according to the Star Tribune.

Sen. Claire Robling told lawmakers that the bill will prevent dangerous conditions being found in a few abortion clinics in other states, reported MPR

DFL opponents say the bill singles out clinics that perform abortions and is unnecessary, reported MPR. The bill still needs House approval.