New editor in chief to take helm at Daily

Mark Baumgarten

If Aaron Kirscht gets his way, students are likely to see a lot more of The Minnesota Daily around campus next year.
As the newly appointed editor in chief, Kirscht, a senior journalism major, hopes to use his more than five and half years of experience at the Daily to increase the paper’s presence on campus.
After a long selection process, consisting of nine essay questions and interviews, the Daily’s board of directors decided that Kirscht’s experience made him the right person for the job.
“Aaron has been here some time, and he knows a lot about the different aspects of the editorial side of the paper,” said Damon Ray, president of the board. “We are very confident that he will do a good job.”
Kirscht’s knowledge of the Daily began with a short mentorship at the paper while he was in high school. After a short break and a year of school at Iowa State, Kirscht returned to the Daily in October of 1994 as an editorial writer.
Since then, Kirscht has served as an editorial editor and is currently the sports editor for the paper.
Experience at the Daily isn’t the only asset Kirscht will bring to his new position. After participating in summer internships at the Star Tribune in 1996 and the La Crosse Tribune last summer, Kirscht believes he can increase the academic and professional quality of the Daily staff.
“The Daily is very unique,” Kirscht said. “We are all still students, but we are also very professional. I think all of my experience is important, but I still believe that my most valuable experience comes from the Daily,” he explained.
As of June 14, Kirscht will be given the opportunity to make the most of all his experience when he takes the reins and drives the Daily through the 1999-2000 school year.
“Aaron’s got a very strong personality, and he will demand a lot of from his staff,” said Matt Cross, the Daily’s managing editor. “I think he’s going to work some magic and get a lot of things done.”