Net: Some people are born to flame, some people make flames through their comments — and some have flames thrust upon them. It didn’t take a tremendous knowledge of the human psyche to know that yesterday’s letters would generate a tremendous response. The saga continues.

From Meg: This is for Nadafag and all ignorant followers. If you feel the need to bash people’s sexual preferences, at least do it intelligently. Your comment about our MSA president and vice president was so stupid, I blushed for you. Contrary to homophobe belief, not all lesbians are attracted to all other lesbians any more than I am attracted to someone with your dark, closed mind. Heterosexuals are more likely to make out in public, but I’ve never heard anyone worrying about opposite-sex, heterosexual MSA duos getting it on at meetings.
As for the whole “our bodies are designed for heterosexual sex” argument, well, they were also designed for procreation. I doubt you’re presently using yours to create tomorrow’s ignorance (at least I hope to God not).
People elected to offices will never represent any population as a whole. So rest your small brain, Nadafag. People will know that no matter who is in office, people like you still exist at the University and never learn. And who knows, our electees might actually be people with good ideas before they are women who are lesbians.

From Sick of Homophobes: Buenas dias esteemed Network. I would like to say, “Get a clue Yngwie!” Obviously you didn’t pay attention to any of the MSA presidential debates, literature or even the candidates! Yes, we now have two (TWO!!) lesbians at the helm of our student government. What has this world come to? Holy shit, we’re going to be bombarded with lesbian propaganda next year! What are we going to do?!?
Yngwie, I encourage you to talk with next year’s MSA leadership. Talk to them about their issues. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. This year, I voted based on the issues and integrity of the candidates, not on their sexuality as Yngwie suggests. I’m a straight, white woman and I gave Kubista/Ferguson my vote.

From Disgusted: Since I’ve read the Daily, I’ve always held Network in a high regard. Even when it unfairly jabbed certain University communities, I still thought your submissions were held to some standard of respect and taste.
However, the submission by Nadafag was not only offensive to myself, but — at least in my opinion — offensive to the entire University community, which is supposed to stand for an open-minded pursuit of truth and the betterment of Minnesota.
Nadafag is entitled to his opinion, and even has a right to put it in the newspaper, regardless of the validity of his claims about what men and women “should” be doing. Thanks for the biology/history lesson; it’s not every day I get to hear firsthand ideals circa 1939.
Nadafag‘s submission should be a call to action; not just for the gay community, but for anyone who believes that homophobia is wrong.

From Cousin Sallie Mae of Hazzard County: Esteemed Network, thank you for the hefty helping of grist for the Network Morals Mill — however, unlike everyone else who has responded to Nadafag’s lucid insight regarding homosexuals and their impending reign “with all of this gay stuff,” I choose to comment on a more disturbing entry.Cooter, of “The Dukes of Hazzard” seems to be suffering from some type of amnesia, perhaps not unlike the time when Bo Duke hit his head and Boss tricked him into thinking he was really his son, Bo Hogg. It was the great sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane who is to be credited with the ubiquitous phrase of “COO-COO,” NOT Cooter. “Coo-coo-coo, I love it! I love it!” are the immortal sentiments of Rosco. Cooter just had a cool handle (Crazy-C) Also, no one says “damn” in Hazzard. We say “darn.”
Net: Now we’ve seen it all. We print three letters on the same topic one day, and ALL THREE get flamed the next. Wow.
But we can’t say we’re surprised. We were aware when we ran Nadafag‘s letter that we were printing possibly the most explosive letter run in Network this year. But — and take this for what it is — it was only one of several letters that expressed essentially the same sentiments.
A call to action? Perhaps. Network is, in its own cracked-mirror way, a reflection of the University community. And now you know what some of it thinks. You can take it from there.
From The Anagrammist: Net: Yay! You have returned to our midst!
Here are some anagrams:
Minnesota Student Association:
Instantaneous sodomite antics
Damnations to noisiest nutcase
Continuation as to semen sadist

Adam Miller and Jill Sanders:
Small jam drains allied nerd
Jail small and dim slanderer

Sabeen Altaf and Michael Hsu:
Unfetchable, animal ass-head
Half-enthused maniacal base

Kevin Nicholson and Brook Anderson:
OK on blank ironhanded conversions
Evil dishonor on snob and on knacker

Nikki Kubista and Erin Ferguson:
Big skunk urinated in a foreskin
Brink of inaugurated kinkiness

As always, thank you for your continued support. By the way, these are being mailed from my girlfriend’s account. I haven’t revealed my gender or identity, because I’m a rambunctious young college professor with a lot to lose. Battle on, Network. Net: And keep fighting the good fight y’all. Hasta la victoria siempre.