Dear Dr. Date, For…

Dear Dr. Date,
For the past six months, I have been actively seeking an attractive, intelligent and kind female for the purposes of dating and a possible long-term relationship. As straight-forward as this task appears, I have discovered a serious problem on this campus. Single young women between the ages of 25 and 30 have become extinct.
Now this cannot possibly be true, can it? Periodically, I do hear women complain that men are too shy or immature to ask them out. I would ask them out and show them a good time, if only I could find them. Now, I am sure everyone reading this thinks I must be some guy hanging in the Electrical Engineering building on Saturday nights ’til 4 a.m. Let me assure you this is not true. As a grad student, my life can be hectic at times, but I continually try new things in order to meet new people. I have joined outside organizations, attend events like Spring Jam, migrate to different churches, hang out in local coffee shops and frequent local bars. But still, there is nothing.
So, Dr. Date, am I the only person suffering from this dateless affliction? Am I the only single person left on this campus between the ages of 25 and 30? I realize this column is not a singles column, nor would I ever place an ad, but this problem is getting serious. So as part of my continued search, I invite any single woman who is attractive, intelligent, outgoing and kind to contact me. If not to go out on a date, then at least to let me know that you do exist!
— Dateless

This, my friend, is a ridiculous notion. Unless your definition of single women is vastly different than mine, all you have to do to find women between 25 and 30 is open your eyes.
The first place to look is at school. The University of Minnesota is a major university with many large graduate school programs. Some programs will have more women in them than other programs. For instance, I just witnessed journalism graduation at another school, and while men were equal to women for undergraduate degrees, there were 15 women to three men receiving either a master’s or doctorate.
Next, look at the bars. Bars can be dumb, but generally the crowd assembled is trying to have fun and/or meet new people. Check out some of the classier bars on Nicollet Mall or First Avenue. Bars that resemble spring break are not recommended. When you go, don’t go alone. Go with some male friends or, better yet, go with a group of female friends. It will make you look better if women are already laughing and talking with you.
Churches are great places to meet singles, but concentrate on the related group activities rather than the actual service. People will be more social and relaxed. Again, try to go with friends.