Cam Gordon for city council

For the past four years, Cam Gordon has served with distinction as the Ward 2 councilman. His record of working for the ward and the city has proven him the best candidate in 2009. Cam has lived in Minneapolis his entire life and has been a regular fixture of local politics and community. His accomplishments while in office dwarf those of his challenger: He has reduced crime by double digits in the ward and has been a leading actor for the environment. Cam has been instrumental in reaching out to the Somali community, demonstrating a commitment to work with (rather than vilify) the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. Furthermore, he is the only non-DFL member of the council. He has provided invaluable balance to local government, showing skill in working across political divides for common goals. Ward 2 will continue to thrive if University students vote for Cam Gordon in the upcoming city elections. Adam Hennings University student