Despite more police, one student robbed

Also, a landlord allegedly punched a tenant in Marcy-Holmes on Saturday.

Nicholas Studenski

A University of Minnesota student was robbed near the Armory on Church Street Southeast on Friday, after the University police department added more officers last weekend.

University Deputy Police Chief Chuck Miner said it’s “certainly possible” the incident was related to the string of robberies in the last month that caused police to up patrols around the University.

Miner said the additional officers will remain in place until police “feel confident that the pattern has dissipated.”

Freshman Kristen Resman said she was walking home around 11:30 p.m. Friday when three men started walking toward her near the Armory. She was talking on the phone with her roommate at the time.

Resman said one of the men ran at her and grabbed the Coach wallet hanging around her wrist, which had her U Card and $2 in cash in it.

Witnesses at the scene, who Miner said were male University students, heard Resman scream and chased the suspect, who jumped into a nearby bush, Resman said.

She said the group of students was going to wait near the bush until University police arrived on the scene, but the suspect ran away.

After the officers arrived, Resman found her wallet on the ground near the bush. The cash was missing, but nothing else was stolen, she said.

University police apprehended the suspect two blocks from where the crime happened, according to a police report.

Landlord-tenant skirmish

A Marcy-Holmes landlord and his tenant were involved in a violent altercation Saturday morning, a Minneapolis police report said.

Vernon Amick, 24, said he was sleeping when his landlord unexpectedly entered his house, woke him up and started yelling.

After arguing for a few minutes, Amick told police the landlord punched him in the face, the report said.

Amick said the landlord was initially upset because a mattress was in the living room after the landlord had warned him not to have overnight guests sleep in the common area. The mattress was there because Amick and his housemates had been moving furniture, he said.

One of Amick’s housemates called the police while Amick stepped into another room and closed the door to get away from his landlord.

The landlord told police Amick pushed him away and the landlord’s finger got caught in the door, the report said, and the finger was bleeding when police arrived.

Officers advised both parties to review the residence’s rules, the report said. Paramedics were called, but the landlord told police he would seek medical attention for his finger on his own.