An Opportunity for Minnesota

A proposed tax credit program can relieve student debt and aid the state economy.

The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, MPIRG, has been pushing for the implementation of program called âÄúOpportunity Minnesota.âÄù Opportunity Minnesota is a student debt relief program that is modeled off of a similar program in Maine. With the inspiring logo: âÄúThe Way Education Should BeâÄù Opportunity Maine provides relief for students with tuition debt. If you have student loans and plan to stay and work in Minnesota post graduation, this initiative will provide you with a state income tax credit. Given the present economic situation, it is a better time than ever to invest in education, and Opportunity Minnesota provides us with that ability. There is a moral imperative to allow access to higher education, but there is also an economic gain. It is commonly believed that investing in people is the best investment one can make. With tuition prices increasing and the economy struggling, there has never been a better time to implement a student relief program. Affordable education is something every state should strive for, and Minnesota is no exception. This statewide initiative is imperative to the success of our stateâÄôs economy. This initiative allows Minnesota residents to go to school and reside in their home state in an affordable way. Opportunity Minnesota also fuels our stateâÄôs economy by keeping those educated at our higher institutions working in Minnesota after commencement. However, this initiative will not just happen, it will take rigorous organizing and action within the state legislature. Allowing for an affordable and viable option for higher education is central to the success of our stateâÄôs economy. It is imperative that we educate our residents, not only because everyone deserves the chance at an advanced degree, but also so we can be competitive in the workforce and fuel our economy.