University should be open about $400 charge

This year when registering for classes, aside from complications with the new computer system, students might be unaware that not re-entering their health insurance information into the registration system could cost them money. The regents require all students to have some form of health insurance but have found that a number of students enter false insurance information. This year, if students do not enter a health insurance plan, they will automatically be charged for the University’s health insurance plan. This plan costs $453 a semester, or $75.50 a month.
In the past, the typical number of students who use this insurance program has been between 5,000 and 7,000. With the automatic sign up this year, officials estimate that as many as 20,000 students might be unwittingly charged for the University’s health insurance plan. The deadline for students to enter the insurance plan of their choice is Sept. 17.
The biggest mistake that University officials made when dealing with this new process was not properly informing students. The only coverage so far has been a short story in the Daily and an e-mail to students. A form letter should have been sent out to all students warning them of the change and the deadline.
In the future, the University should be more thorough about letting students know about changes in the University system, especially changes that could cost students over $400 a semester.