Radio K in-studio: The Raveonettes

by Sally Hedberg


It’s a shame if you were unable catch the Raveonettes at the Fine Line on April 7. Though their time onstage was surprisingly short it managed to flawlessly capture the dark intricacy of their moody fifth LP, “Raven In The Grave.” To read more about the album see A&E’s conversation with leading man Sune Rose Wagner. It was a staggering live performance, one that in combination with the fact that it wasn’t nauseatingly packed, has earned a spot on the top five shows I’ve attended this year so far (I don’t foresee Robyn being bumped from number one unless the White Stripes reunite and play the Kitty Cat Klub). But dry those tears! Thanks to Radio K we can all relive the fuzzed-out daydream of a live Raveonettes set. The day of the Fine Line show, they stopped by our esteemed college radio station for an in-studio. The three songs recorded, all from “Raven In The Grave,” deliver everything you missed. Seriously: props to Radio K for producing such a high quality recording, enabling us all to live vicariously through their efforts. Check it out here.