Gophers athletes’ actions a distraction

Elani Davidson

ItâÄôs unfortunate that while reading the sports section of The Minnesota Daily recently, I came across not one but two articles highlighting Gophers athletes and their bad behavior. I am aware that all sports have their issues, but there seems to be an overwhelming amount of problems on the Gophers football team. This could be because they have the largest roster. But does the past not set an example for these student athletes? Over the years, I can account for several incidents involving football players, on and off campus, from thefts to fights, underage drinking to alleged rapes. There comes a point where the athletic department, coaches and athletes need to evaluate whatâÄôs really going on in the program and take the necessary action to keep this kind of crap from happening every single season. ItâÄôs also important to be clear and consistent in suspension and disciplinary policies, which the department has not been for recent team events. YouâÄôd think after I helped pay for TCF Bank Stadium (and I say this because I saw the student fees charged to my account for it) I could be a little more proud of the team that plays in it. I donâÄôt think we deserved the stadium due to a mediocre season and all the past drama the team has brought to ESPN over the years, but politics will prevail. Perception is sometimes reality; not so good for Gophers athletes right now. In the end, itâÄôs embarrassing and disrespectful to the school and its students when athletes act so inappropriately. More importantly, it distracts everyone from all the positive and innovating work the University of Minnesota does. People forget about our achievements and remember our embarrassments. Elani Davidson University undergraduate studen