Obama and Ayers ties

I responded to the first part of yesterdayâÄôs article âÄúSheriff decries connection between Obama and AyersâÄù with an emphatic, âÄúFinally!âÄù It floors me that more Americans are not more suspicious and distrusting of presidential candidate Barack ObamaâÄôs less-than-becoming social connections. The article addresses ObamaâÄôs ties with âÄúnon-repentant terroristâÄù William Ayers. Ayers and his underground Weathermen were an anti-American terrorist group in the 1970s that preformed various violent acts against the U.S. government, including numerous bombings. Obama claims to simply be on âÄúfriendlyâÄù terms with Ayers, yet he continues to appear at speeches and panels alongside Ayers and, coincidentally, lives just down the street from him. Perhaps most notably, Obama denounced his mentor and pastor, the radical afro-liberation theologist and Anti-American theorist, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Still, Obama attended WrightâÄôs church and sought his advice for over two decades and has quoted Wright in his books repeatedly. Though Obama has done everything in his power to obscure his younger days from the American public, we do know that Obama employed Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour to pull some strings to get him into Harvard Law School. Never mind the fact that Al-Mansour was a mentor for the Black Panther Party, an anti-Semite and an enemy of the state of Israel. And what is a âÄúcommunity organizerâÄù exactly? Saul Alinsky, a radical socialist, outlined a community organizerâÄôs duties for Obama and others in his âÄúrules for radicals,âÄù and this somehow qualifies Obama for the presidency? I donâÄôt understand why more University students arenâÄôt concerned with ObamaâÄôs shady relations or even curious about the other skeletons that may be hanging in ObamaâÄôs mysterious closet. Hilarie Johnson University Student