Forget TinyURL, use DickensURL

by Son Huynh

Found this on Reddit a few minutes ago. For those of you who don’t know, TinyURL lets you convert those long nasty, over 200 character links into short 40 character ones. However, unless you define your own custom alias for the link, the links usually come out as gibberish and doesn’t make any sense. Well no more! DickensURL lets you turn those long nasty links to the beautiful words of Charles Dickens. The blurb on the site says: “Inspired by a comment from reddit, this service has been created to convert long URLs into wonderful works by Charles Dickens. The fear of cryptic URLs, long or short, is now no longer a problem. Enter an ugly URL above and hit convert button. Soon you will be faced with beautiful words of Charles Dickens. Forget, now you have!” – Be warned, you may get even longer links than the one you put in. Not very useful for those who use Twitter.