Danger Danger! High Voltage!

Minneapolis music and fashion gets amped at “Voltage.”

Danger Danger! High Voltage!

by Sally Hedberg

WHAT: Voltage: Fashion Amplified

WHEN: 8:00 p.m.Friday

WHERE: First Avenue, 701 First Ave N.

COST: $25/$30

Any Minneapolis fashion enthusiast will agree that âÄúVoltageâÄù is the premier local fashion event of the year. The reasons for this are simple enough: It fuses the best of local fashion and music into one electrically charged showcase. Since MNfashion Week has commenced, people are already dying to flaunt their hottest spring purchases alongside a runway. When you throw some of the most buzzed local bands into the mix, the anticipation skyrockets. Come Friday, everyone has the opportunity to get their fix of both.

As 2011 marks the seventh installment of âÄúVoltage,âÄù it must be acknowledged that the show serves a greater purpose than mere entertainment (though there are no complaints in that department). Because itâÄôs such a premier event in the scope of Twin Cities fashion, it serves as a springboard for surfacing talent, like designer and âÄúVoltageâÄù debutante Sarah M. Holm.

After a successful showing in ClichéâÄôs âÄúAvoid the GreyâÄù (let us recall the adorable retro swimsuit) Holm has started to receive more positive attention for her work. The 10 looks sheâÄôll show at âÄúVoltageâÄù will only heighten this.

âÄúYeah itâÄôs been stressful, but I donâÄôt feel too much pressure,âÄù Holm said. âÄúI feel excited more than anything.âÄù

Often drawing from a âÄô40s âÄô50s vintage aesthetic, for âÄúVoltageâÄù the designer will incorporate some additional bold influences into her work.

âÄúIâÄôve been inspired by old sci-fi movies and crazy costumes.âÄù

As far as the music aspect goes, the synthesis of these two worlds makes perfect sense to Holm.

âÄúMusic has always inspired me, and I think it inspires all sorts of people,âÄù Holm said. âÄúAnd musicians are inspired by fashion.âÄù

Pink Mink leading lady Arzu Gokcen couldnâÄôt agree more. If thereâÄôs anything that the Picked 2 Click winners are known for (besides their fiery live performances) itâÄôs the artistic schtick theyâÄôve fashioned for themselves.

âÄúYou know, for me, IâÄôve always loved fashion,âÄù Gokcen said. âÄúIâÄôve always been a big fan of bands like Kiss, you know? It really adds something theatrical. It just makes it more of an event for us.âÄù

For âÄúVoltageâÄù all of the bands will be thrown into the sartorial spotlight, as another aspect to the production is that local designers are responsible for outfitting the music acts. And even if you donâÄôt âÄúgetâÄù fashion, the sets by Pink Mink, Me and My Arrow, Phantom Tails, Communist Daughter and Fort Wilson Riot are a total dealmaker.

It isnâÄôt often that the cream of the Minneapolis music crop jams under the same roof. In a city brimming with creativity, itâÄôs about honoring both the artists and the art itself.

 âÄúItâÄôs an incredibly fun night to celebrate both things that I care about,âÄù Gokcen said.

Some will likely attend to salivate over the spring lines of Ivan Idland or Danielle Everine. Others to simply ride on a PBR buzz and dance to Phantom Tails. Regardless of motivations, âÄúVoltageâÄù has all of the ingredients to leave one amped about local art, regardless of form.