Sssdude-Nutz closes doors for the summer

The doughnut shop hopes to increase its profits and customer base by traveling in a food truck throughout the city.

A view outside of Sssdude-Nutz in Dinkytown on Tuesday.

Maddy Fox

A view outside of Sssdude-Nutz in Dinkytown on Tuesday.

Taylor Vraney

Sssdude-Nutz, the eccentric Dinkytown doughnut shop, is leaving brick-and-mortar behind in favor of some new wheels.

The doughnut shop will start rolling through Minneapolis and St. Paul in a food truck this summer to expand its customer base beyond Dinkytown and increase profits. Their doors closed May 31, just two days before National Doughnut Day.

Bradley Taylor, owner of Sssdude-Nutz, said operating the shop during summer makes no sense. With the University of Minnesota entering its summer lull, there are fewer students around — the shop’s main customer.

“It’s just honestly a waste of time,” Taylor said.

He said he hopes to use the truck to capitalize on summer events across the cities.

Despite stepping away from the original location, Taylor said he thinks the truck will still see a University consumer base.

“In Uptown we get a lot of older U of M students who are alumni,” Taylor said. “We get really anything.”

In August, Taylor said he may return business to its original location, but it’s up in the air. “Who wants to just be sitting in a store all day when we could just be in the action?”

Before he opened shop in Dinkytown, Taylor said the original concept for Sssdude-Nutz was to go mobile. However, opening a shop helped solidify the brand and let people take it more seriously.