Talking style with DJ Jake & some more from Glamorama

Kara Nesvig

 Here’s a little bit with Jake that didn’t make the print version.

ME: You’re a stylish guy; do any musicians have influence on that style?

Easily. Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music and David Bowie, those two guys; probably as a young child it was the Duran Duran thing. I would dress up and even wear a tie back in the day, even in grade school. What would be really fun was being out in recess and I’d have a Duran Duran painters’ cap on. Here I was a fourth grader and these seventh and eighth grade girls would be like, "Oh, look how cute he is!" And I thought, “I’m on to something here.”

As far as mixing style and music, definitely Bryan Ferry and David Bowie. They believe that fashion, art and music coexist all together. I definitely believe in that as well. I was a huge fan of Blondie. I’ve seen them a handful of times, I’ve met Debbie and the band. To me, they are a very stylish band. Extremely New Wave:  the skinny ties and the striped shirts, the straight legged jeans with the Chucks, just a great representation of that CBGB’s New York scene in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.


From Glamorama’s Marina Maric:

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