A new road

by Mariah Mousel, University student


The poetry unit was one of my favorite units in middle and high school English classes; the rhyming and articulation of feelings was challenging but rewarding for me. Each year, without fail, my English teacher would have us read Robert Frost’s famous poem, “The Road Not Taken,” and I loved it more with each passing year. His proposition made sense; taking the road less traveled would lead to a more fruitful life. I found inspiration from his majestic lyrics. And for all those years, I bought into Frost’s sentiment.

Now a junior in college, Frost’s famous poem reappeared in one of my courses. As I read it with more experienced eyes, his sentiment didn’t resonate with me as it had before. My question for Frost: Why take the road less traveled when there is an abundance of space available for the forging of new paths?

Why do something that has been done before, even if only by a select few? My new encouragement for you is to forge a new path: Start your own business; be the first person in your family to go to graduate school; run a marathon; organize a new student group; do something totally new. Go beyond where others have gone. Exceed your own expectations. Take the world by storm.