Fashionista beauty endorsements: Spring 2010

Kara Nesvig

 Hello darlings! Can you believe my makeup-obsessed self completely neglected to endorse anything for winter? I can’t! So, without further ado, here’s my list of passionate loves for springtime, which I’m convinced is just around the corner.

-Bronzer is incredibly important as we enter the sunshiny months, and since I’ve recently sort of mastered the art of spray tanning myself with the help of ModelCo’s Tan in a Can, I need to match my face to the rest of my body. I usually use NARS Laguna, as mentioned in the column, but lately I’ve been swiping on sun with the help of JK Jemma Kidd’s new Show Stopper bronzer, which is not only glittery and the perfect shade of tan, but also water resistant AND available at Target. Will it last through a dip or two in Lake Calhoun come summer? That remains to be seen, but I’m optimistic. As far as I know it hasn’t hit the shelves yet, but look for it in the coming weeks, because it’s good stuff. Everything I’ve tried from Jemma’s Target line has been pleasing, especially the colorID lip gloss which changes with your body chemistry. It’s one of the only colors that can occasionally lure me from my trademark red.

Remember how I’m obsessed with nail polish? My friends and roommates will tell you that yes, indeed, my nail polish does change about every three days. So what’s going to be trendy for fingers this spring? Pastels, duh! I have been trying to find Essie’s lovely Lilacism all over town but it remains elusive. Think lavender, coral and if you’re adventurous, pale green or sky blue. Actually, think Easter Eggs. Another popular hue is the mushroomy greige shade like Chanel’s Particuliere, but guess what? Sally Hansen has a new line of (amazing) polishes and she’s got a great dupe for the way overpriced Chanel stuff in Commander in Chic. (I have a Chanel polish and it’s a big ole letdown. Chips!) The SH Complete Salon Manicure line, however, is where you’ll find me if we get separated at Target. They’re only $6.99 versus Chanel’s $20something and OPI’s $9.

I visit the MAC counter at Nordstrom so often that I have a favorite makeup artist (Amanda) and not only does she know me by name, but also my best friend John. What can I say? Nothing makes me feel better like a MAC lipstick, and right now I’m obsessed with both shades of its 2010 edition of Viva Glam, Viva Glam Gaga and Viva Glam Cyndi. Lady Gaga’s shade is a pale, pale cotton candy pink that will look so good come summer and its suntan and Cyndi’s is a sheer, buildable coral rose red. All the proceeds from the $14 lipsticks goes to those living with HIV/AIDS, so hello, do good, feel good, look good. Tell Amanda I sent you.