Women’s hockey victors

During recent years, most of the national exposure the University’s athletic teams have received has been almost entirely negative. Even aside from last year’s men’s basketball scandal, there have been plenty of allegations of academic and behavioral misconduct of athletes from several sports. This attention has tainted some programs, though, more unfortunately, it has obscured real achievements — most recently the national championship victory of the women’s hockey team.
The team has appeared in the championship game for each of the past three years it has competed, though this is its first victory. Facing the league’s toughest goalie — although one whom the Gophers humiliated in the season opener — they came from behind to beat top-seeded Brown 4-2. The team is now considered to be the nation’s dominant women’s hockey team.
The University community should appreciate the fact it has a national championship team, and the players should be treated with gratitude. On and off the field, they are now the team other University programs should emulate.