70 percent of Hennepin County inmates on drugs when booked

by Luke Feuerherm

If you happen to find yourself at Hennepin County Jail, the odds are that seven of the ten inmates around you were booked while on illegal drugs, according to an article in Tuesday’s Star Tribune.

The federal study discussed in the article took a look at ten jail sites nationwide, including Hennepin County. Marijuana was the most common drug locally, present in about half of those who tested positive, followed by cocaine in about one fifth of the inmates.

The percent of inmates booked on drugs in Hennepin County is up 10 percent-points from 2009 data.

The study, called ADAM II (Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program) involved randomly selected inmates who voluntarily gave information about their drug habits, criminal activity and housing and job status, and providing a urine sample within 48 hours of being booked, according to the article.