“Gonzo” is essential viewing for any Hunter S. Thompson enthusiast

by Ian Power

“Gonzo” showing for 5$ at The Oak St. Cinema every night at 7pm until Wednesday! Go now! There’s no time to read! Alex Gibney, (director of “Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room” and “Taxi To the Dark Side”) gives us his new film about the man who is shoddily copied more than anyone else in journalism today: Hunter S. Thompson. The film begins with 9/11; the event which sparked Thompson to write the “Loose lips sink ships” thing-perhaps his last rant worth noting-but one which was scarily dead on. Thompson predicted everything that would happen consequentially in the years following the World Trade Center bombings and looking back now he hit the nail on the head. “Gonzo,” is a really beautifully put together film, it shows Thompson the way people who really love him want to see him; in his element. Watching the film is inspiring, it pushes you to want to do something amazing and not just take notes and half-ass it but really really do it. It makes you want to be a patriot in the way that Thompson was a patriot, by questioning every single thing that goes against what we know-deep down-that America is supposed to be. Hunter S. Thompson knew that, and fought for it on the campaign trail with Mcgovern, on the road outside Vegas in “Fear and Loathing,” “even through the 80’s against Reagan. He saw and predicted what would be, and now is, a gaping void in our promised land. In the end this was his demise. The film shows that. It’s also chocked full of footage that would be hard to come by otherwise, and has hilarious and heartfelt interviews with an assortment of different people from Mcgovern to Jann Werner to Pat Buchanan. “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”