In the cross hairs: Al Jazeera network

The targeting of Al Jazeera reveals the United States’ moves to destroy dissenters.

In the beginning of the war on Iraq in 2003, when Al Jazeera gave its location with precise coordinates to the U.S. government, the United States with full knowledge of the station’s headquarters bombed the office, killing reporter Tariq Ayub. In 2001, a U.S. missile destroyed Al Jazeera’s Kabul, Afghanistan, office. Were these incidents pure coincidence or were they intentional? These incidents eventually were excused as “accidents” because the intent of the bombing was difficult to prove. However, with the verification of a recent leak, the Bush administration has a lot to answer for. What’s there not to believe?

Based on a recent CNN poll, which indicated that 70 percent of respondents believed President George W. Bush did suggest taking such actions, it’s fair to say many Americans are ready to believe Bush is not above having such intentions.

After all, did Bush and his people not make it clear when he said, “You’re either with us or you’re not”? It’s apparent that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Bush are not Al Jazeera supporters; they have on numerous occasions referred to the station as anti-American and the mouthpiece of terror.

The interesting thing is the British government’s shadiness in dealing with the situation. The hush-hush policy toward the Daily Mirror proves to be very sketchy. Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office recently ordered the paper to cease publishing any information regarding the leaked transcript based on Britain’s Official Secrets Act. This is the first time such actions were taken against a paper with such a heavy threat.

The leak conveys the lack of respect for the media of the world. It’s one thing to ridicule a station, it is another to suggest bombing the station. Now that this information is out, this discussion exists and it deserves justice. Why this story has been left unquestioned and unexplored in American media is inexcusable; there needs to be a serious investigation. The role of the media is crucial to any democratic society, and when the president makes threats of this sort, the foundation of American society is at stake.