Pizza perfumes and cigar smells mix; Spanky’s owner fears shop will close

>BANGOR, Maine (AP) – The owner of Spanky’s Pizza fears being driven out of business by the stench of cigar smoke, which customers say is mixing with the familiar smells of pepperoni, cheese and garlic.

Philip Nadeau said last month’s opening of a smokers’ lounge at the Cigar & Smoke Shoppe next door coincided with the arrival of the new scent. A thin wall separates the two businesses.

“The smell is atrocious,” Nadeau said. “It’s more than atrocious; it’s horrible.”

Frank Coglitore said his cigar shop has a sophisticated air purification system and believes the pizza shop’s exhaust fan directly above the oven is causing the problem. The two businessmen say they’re working on a solution.

“I’m not trying to point blame; I’m trying to fix the problem,” Nadeau said.

Coglitore agrees. “We want nothing but peace and harmony. We’re doing everything on my end to pull that all together,” he said.

The Cigar & Smoke Shoppe’s smoking lounge, where customers can relax and watch TV with a cigar in hand, has been granted one of 14 exceptions to a 2004 state law that prohibits smoking in enclosed areas of public places.

Bangor’s code enforcement office has looked into the situation and terms it “a landlord-tenant issue.”

“These are two, perhaps, not compatible uses” for the shared building, said Dan Wellington, code enforcement officer. “You can smell it both ways. They’re getting the smell of the pizza in the smoke shop.”