A taste of eastern Europe: Kramarczuk’s

by Yena Lee

If you’re hankering for some cased meats, then Kramarczuk’s is the place to go. The eastern European deli shop is nestled in the northeast part of Minneapolis — not too far from the campus area.


From sausages to deli meats to pastries, Kramarczuk’s has a large assortment of eastern European food. The shop even has imported food items, such as candy and boxes of chocolate. Although the shop is known for its cased meats, the pastry case should not be overlooked. Keep an eye out for a slice of the Napoleon custard square — creamy, fluffy and just delicious.


The deli shop is also attached to a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional eastern European delights such as Borscht.


Kramarczuk’s has a great atmosphere with prompt service, and prices that won’t make a huge dent in the bank.


Address: 215 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis