U website upgrades rolling out

Ethan Nelson

An upgrade to the University of MinnesotaâÄôs technology systems will start Friday. Some services, like class registration and financial aid information, wonâÄôt be available to the systemâÄôs nearly 100,000 students and staff until the 10-day upgrade process finishes. The $85 million PeopleSoft upgrade, which has been in the works for three years, includes a way for professors to electronically report absences and a centralized grading system. The upgraded system integrates features from both of the schoolâÄôs websites, One Stop and MyU, into one site. Registration for fall 2015 University classes opened earlier than usual this semester so the upgrade could take place as scheduled. Until April 20, students will be able to view their class schedules and APAS reports but not make changes to them. The new system includes a âÄúFaculty Center,âÄù which will contain class lists, grades, wait lists and permission numbers. It also has an updated MyU portal which will allow students to view course descriptions in class search results. University officials originally planned for the upgrade to launch in February. The UniversityâÄôs current system was first installed in 1998, and it hasnâÄôt seen any major updates since. The new system will continue to undergo updates and revisions after it launches. The school will hold an information fair on April 15, where students and staff can get in-person support for the upgraded system.