Weekend Culture Compass – International films galore!

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival is back, and A&E lists some top picks. Also Lil’ Black Blondie, a Sublime tribute and G. Love and Special Sauce

Im Going to Explode is a Mexican film about two run-away lovers and is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. PHOTO COURTESY CANANA FILMS.

Ashley Goetz

“I’m Going to Explode” is a Mexican film about two run-away lovers and is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. PHOTO COURTESY CANANA FILMS.

Friday Music âÄì G. Love and Special Sauce G. Love is a hip-hop, tricked out version of Jack Johnson. He tackles tough political issues like milk, cereal, peace, love and happiness. Since A&E was well-acquainted with G. Love way back in high school, we know that his finger-snapping rhythm is exactly what the bud-smoking witch doctor ordered. First Ave 701 First Ave. N 8 p.m. $25 Comedy âÄì Dov Davidoff Comedian Dov Davidoff grew up in a junkyard. If that’s not enough to convince you to high-tail it to Acme Comedy Club, consider this: Davidoff has had his own special on “Comedy Central Presents” and appeared on “The Chapelle Show.” This funny-guy’s voice sounds like a cross between Iago the parrot from Aladdin and Jerry Seinfeld, and he even cracks jokes about yeast infections. Acme Comedy Club 708 First St. N. 10:30 p.m. $15 Music âÄì Peelander-Z, Birthday Suits These two Japanese bands can’t exactly be called kawaii. Peelander-Z defines their sound as “Japanese Comic Action Punk,” which can be boiled down to the Gundam Wing opening number smashed-up with The Sex Pistols. Every song by Birthday Suits sounds like something A&E listened to in high school, but with a dash of whip-fast attitude. Turf Club 1601 University Ave. W. 9 p.m. $6 Music âÄì Lookbook If you like the sound of digital rain or that song “Hold On” by Wilson Philips, Minneapolis-based electro-band Lookbook offers the best of both those worlds. With the sounds of oceans roaring in the background, Maggie Morrison’s vocals are reminiscent of a haunting nightmare, in a good way. 331 Club 331 13th Ave N.E. 10 p.m. Free Film âÄì International Film Festival “The Girl From Monaco” St. Anthony Main, 115 Main St. S.E. 7 p.m. Anne Fontaine’s French comedy features the unlikely meeting of a bold, tenacious lawyer, a vicious 70-something murderer, and a sexy, sarcastic weathergirl. If that sounds like a recipe for bon temps (“good times,” for those not French-friendly), this award-winning film takes a surprising serious turn right at the fin. “Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story” St. Anthony Main, 115 Main St. S.E. 7:45 p.m. This documentary film features a summer camp run by director Louis Lapat that shuns summer campsâÄô usual play-all-day attitude in favor of a competition-based lifestyle. Stick around after the film for a Q&A with Lapat. Saturday Music – Alkaline Trio, Saves the Day Kicking off their tour in the homey and historic First Ave, rockers Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day are together once again. The former labelmates are mostly keeping to the Midwest and East coast this tour, which had to be extended a few weeks by the bands. First Ave, 701 First Ave. N. 6 p.m. $18.50/$22 Theater âÄì Life of Galileo ItâÄôs been 400 years since Galileo Galilei first observed the lunar craters and the moons of Jupiter with his newfangled telescope. Though this great scientist is known for his contributions to human knowledge, his legacy is perhaps best defined as one of rebellion. As another great physicist would later say âÄúGreat spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.âÄù The âÄúLife of GalileoâÄù is a unisex performance that examines both sides of GalileoâÄôs life from his great spirits to the opposition he encountered. Gremlin Theatre, 2400 University Ave. W. 7:30 p.m. $14 âÄì 28 Film âÄì International Film Festival âÄúQadir âÄì An Afghan UlyssesâÄù St. Anthony Main, 115 Main St. S.E. 1 p.m. In a modern-set version of HomerâÄôs âÄúOdyssey,âÄù âÄúQadirâÄù is the true story of an Afghan refugee named Qadir who left his country after the Taliban terrorized his hometown. The documentary chronicles his long journey home as he tries to return to his family nine years later. “Last Cup: The Road to the World Series of Beer PongâÄù Oak Street Cinema, 309 Oak Street S.E 7 p.m. âÄúLast CupâÄù follows a group of players as they pilgrimage to Mesquite, Nevada for the second annual World Series of Beer Pong, creating a varied picture of the growing sport. After the film, make your own pilgrimage to Stub and Herbs to compete in the MSPIFFâÄôs very own beer pong championship. Registration is free and will take place before the film at the theatre. “Buick Riviera” St. Anthony Main, 115 Main St. S.E. 7 p.m. Two Bosnian immigrants, Hasan and Vuko meet on a snowy road near Fargo by luck and end up sharing their stories with one another. âÄúBuick RivieraâÄù is in an examination of the difficult process of Americanization that many immigrants face when they leave their homes behind. Amiee Klein, a Minnesotan who plays HasanâÄôs nagging wife, will introduce this screening ,which is also the filmâÄôs US premiere showing. Theater âÄì Dali/Dada Dali/Dada are two trippy plays combined together into one brain-smushing performance. Act one, âÄúCome to DadaâÄù is an examination of the modern consciousness that will try its best to seduce viewers to the absurd. Speaking of seduction, in act two, beautiful mermaids plot to kill Salvador Dali at the 1939 World Fair. Bedlam Theater, 1501 S Sixth St. 8 p.m. $15 Contest âÄì Minneapolis Grown-up Spelling Bee Drinc ur beer and tri 2 spel rillee gud, ids hardder den u tink. De competititiishun haz thre rownds: lite-ning rownds ware competiters kan b elimenated, emurgency rownds inn witch competiters kan kom bak inn 4 corect spelings aned un underpantz rownd tho itt doznâÄôt hav anee empact oon teh gaymes, iitâÄôs eggzactly wut iit sownds liik. Gett drunkqs! U wur borrn 2 spel! 501 Club, 501 Washington Ave. S. 7 p.m. Free Sunday Music âÄì 420 OZ. to Freedom: A Sublime Tribute Ah, the sublime nostalgia that comes with thinking about âĦ Sublime. They taught teenagers âÄúthe wrong wayâÄù while at the same time commanding that they âÄúsmoke two joints.âÄù Who else so mellowly impacted a generation? The event features John Wayne & the Pain covering the bandsâÄô tracks. While they certainly have the love of skateboarding and effortless laid-backness it takes to cover Sublime, they also play their own tracks during the weeks of the year they arenâÄôt gigging as a cover band. Cabooze, 917 Cedar Ave. S. 8:30 p.m. $7 Music âÄì LilâÄô Black Blondie LilâÄô Black Blondie is the rhythm section of up-and-comers Black Blondie, minus the lead singer Samahra and her smoky jazz vocals. Despite being down one member, there is still plenty to enjoy, including Tasha BaronâÄôs African-inspired sound and Liz DraperâÄôs upright bass. Black Blondie releases their album Friday at the Triple Rock, so the band should have that dewy glow of having freshly birthed a CD. Red Stag Supperclub, 509 1st Ave. NE. 9 p.m. Free Film âÄì International Film Festival “Country TeacherâÄù St. Anthony Main, 115 Main St. S.E. 5:15 p.m. âÄúCountry TeacherâÄù is a film from the Czech Republic that examines the microcosm of a family that is affected by the arrival of a new teacher. The teacher has a gentle, curious manner of teaching students about nature and local women are taken with him. The ladies are out of luck, for he prefers the same sex, and his sexuality comes to the forefront when an old boyfriend visits. “IâÄôm Going to ExplodeâÄù St. Anthony Main, 115 Main St. S.E. 10:10 p.m. Both written and directed by Gerardo Naranjo, âÄúIâÄôm Going to ExplodeâÄù is a story about two young, artistic high schoolers who run away from their lives. Packed with sprawling landscapes that further express the freedom of their escape and a quietly narrated voice-over, the film captures the idealistic sense of possibility of their age. “The TourâÄù St. Anthony Main, 115 Main St. S.E. 7:45 p.m. A topsy-turvy film with serious undertones, âÄúThe TourâÄù narrates a tale of a group of performers acting out a farce called âÄúA Flea in her Ear.âÄù As they travel the country performing, they encounter all facets of the war occurring in and around Serbia at the time. Food âÄì COMPASâÄô Art of Cuisine Foodies unite! COMPAS, an all-ages community arts program that started in 1967, is hosting Art of Cuisine, which features samples from several local restaurants including Pazzaluna and River Chocolate Company. Plus, half that hefty fee will come back one year from now, in next yearâÄôs tax return. Consider it a present from yourself now to yourself in the future. Landmark Center, 75 Fifth St. W. 3 p.m. âÄì 6 p.m. $50 ($25 tax deductible) Theater – Grey Gardens Those obsessed with the Beale family (including MK Olsen) can rejoice at the double feature that is the HBO film and the OrdwayâÄôs live version of their life story. Beginning with wealth, the family found themselves amidst financial decline that manifested in a decrepit house littered with garbage. Yet the family remained a part of the countryâÄôs lore and Edie Beale became a fashion icon. Ordway, 345 Washington St. 8 p.m. $38 – $45 Culture to Consume Watch this: Lindsay Lohan’s mostly-improvised eHarmony profile is red-headed, breathing proof that LiLo hasn’t lost her cool along with all of that weight. Listen to this: A&E does not like Lady GaGa. However, Kid Cudi’s “Poke Her Face” (featuring Common and Kanye) is an excellent sampling of the cochlea-damaging “Poker Face.” Read this: This Wired article about the YouTube re-design tells of the current state of the long-standing struggle between Hollywood, content pirates, distributors and anyone who likes money. YouTube, it appears, is about to undergo some major business restructuring that will result in higher-quality content, advertisements, and possibly micro-payments for thou, the viewer. The times are, once again, a-changinâÄô. Click this: http://vi.sualize.us/ vi.sualize.us is a graphic designerâÄôs dream come true. ItâÄôs another one of those social tagging sites on which people tag photos that tickle their fancy and their Related Photos feature has the possibility of sending visitors down hour-long tangents of non-productivity. Be original and find something other than the Internet to blame. Mountain Dew? Eat this: Sunday brunch buffet at KramarczukâÄôs Located at 215 Hennepin Ave. E., not too far off campus, KramarczukâÄôs is a lovely European store and restaurant whose Sunday brunch will be the best meal visitors have had in weeks. It costs around $15 per person and runs from 10 – 2:30. The restaurant features a well-stocked and diverse selection of foods; there is even has a Belgian waffle maker. Just be warned, the sour kraut looks like the hash browns, so make sure you check where each is before you end up with a dollop of something the size of Poland on your plate that you didnâÄôt even want. Drink this: Martini(s), shaken not stirred. With all this hoopla about this weekendâÄôs film festival, why not order this movie classic? Put on a tux and swagger up to the bar at the Chambers Hotel with a Russian beauty on your arm and say, âÄúThree measures of GordonâÄôs, one of vodka and a half measure of Kina Lillet.âÄù Then cock your eyebrows as best you can and say âÄúOh yes, shaken not stirred.âÄù If the international man of mystery thing isnâÄôt your bag, you can also don your bathrobe and stick to the White Russians, dude.